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Abyssinia lausanne Ethiopian Restaurant
45 - 50 mins
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Ethiopian Vegetarian African Vegan

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La Pucceria de Montelly Pizza Delivery Lausanne
45 - 50 mins
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La Pucceria de Montelly
Pizza Vegetarian Halal Vegan
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7 Kings Curry indian restaurant lausanne
45 - 50 mins
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7 Kings Curry
Indian Chicken Vegetarian Halal
Royal India restaurant delivery lausanne
45 - 50 mins
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Royal India
Indian Vegetarian Halal

Vegetarian Restaurants in Lausanne

With the list of restaurants on our site, you will discover that vegetarian dishes also rhyme with good flavors. Vegetables and fruits offering several creative combinations are not only for vegetarians.

In our section of Vegetarian Restaurants in Lausanne you will find restaurants of several specialties, Indian restaurants - Royal India, 7 Kings Curry or Ethiopian restaurants - Abyssinia.

It is true that vegetarian cuisine is mostly cooked in Muslim countries, but vegetarian dishes are becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the world. Why? The recipes without meat are varied and delicious, in addition, they can be qualified as diet or healthy recipes, because the proteins of animal origin are replaced by vegetable proteins. Some of you will find it hard to stop eating meat, yet vegetarianism has become quite well adapted to modern gastronomy. Vegetarian recipes are often easy to cook and light for your stomach.

There are several kinds of vegetarianism, some vegetarians allow the consumption of eggs, there is even a diet called pesco-vegetarianism that allows the consumption of fish and seafood, however those called vegans exclude all products of animal origin from their food, even milk and honey.

If you like spices and strong tastes, why not try an Indian specialty, like malai kofta or palak paneer? Or a chana massala, rich in proteins and fiber of natural origin. Ethiopians present well-seasoned dishes such as misir (lentil puree) or shiro (yellow pea puree), not forgetting a wide choice of vegetable-based starters such as samboussa etc.

Now all the vegetarian restaurants in Lausanne are in your hands thanks to our home delivery service.