Sushi Delivery in Lausanne

Sushi Restaurants in Lausanne

The sushi as we know it nowadays were born in the country of the rising sun in the early 19th century having undergone many changes over the past centuries. This Japanese specialty was introduced to Western cuisine in the early 90s and has since become one of the favorite dishes.

A plush texture made of vinegar rice and fresh seafood, mainly raw fish but also eggs and vegetables, seasoned with marinated ginger, wasabi or soy sauce. As simple as that!

Wishing to taste it but hesitating and doubting about the quality you could get or lacking time to go to a sushi restaurant in Lausanne? 2yourdoor intervenes and offers sushi delivery services at home or at work.

Undecided? Can not choose between the various ingredients? You could order an assortment according to your taste! Gourmets have introduced this Japanese delicacy in Europe, and 2yourdoor is committed to bringing it to your table wherever you are in Lausanne! With 2yourdoor's home delivery services in Lausanne, you will not have to leave the comfort of your own place!