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Keyann lebanese restaurant lausanne
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Lebanese Burger Oriental Kebab Halal

Lebanese Restaurants in Lausanne

Aladin's carpet arrives in Lausanne, bringing all the delicious Lebanese dishes. All you need to do is to place your order and 2YOORDOOR will take care of the rest.

Lebanese cuisine is a healthy and delicious, that's why we chose the well-known Lebanese restaurants in Lausanne - Obeirut, Keyann – so that you can enjoy their varied menu and eat Lebanese food without leaving your home.

Lebanon is a mountainous and warm country; its perfect climate allows it to have a good quality and quantity of vegetables and fruits throughout the year. The result is a varied and simple cuisine based on vegetables incorporating different spices and meats.

A typical Lebanese table usually has several small dishes in addition to a large main course. These small dishes considered as starters are called mezzes. You have the choice between cold mezzes like taboulé, fattouche, hommous, warak enab or hot mezés like falafel, kebbé and sambousek, and the list of mezzes can go on and on.

Grilled meat, including shawarma and chiche taouk, is very present in Lebanese meals. Shawarma is made on a rotating grill: on a vertical stem the slices of meat, previously cut and spiced, are stacked. The cooking system is placed behind, and the meat is cut vertically into slices and served in a special loaf.
Desserts receive equal attention from Lebanese food chefs: el mehalabiya (a powder of rice cooked in sweet milk with adding orange blossom water), baklawa (a honey cake), osmalieh (crunchy vermicelli in sugary cream) or famous halawet el jebn (Semolina, cheese, and sugary water).