Food delivery from Indian restaurants in Lausanne

7 Kings Curry indian restaurant lausanne
45 - 50 mins
-16:-21 min
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  4.3  (7)
7 Kings Curry
Indian Chicken Vegetarian Halal
Royal India restaurant delivery lausanne
45 - 50 mins
-16:-21 min
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  3.7  (99)
Royal India
Indian Vegetarian Halal

Indian Restaurants in Lausanne

Indian cuisine has migrated around the world, especially in North America and Europe, and now it has arrived in Switzerland. In Lausanne, we also have restaurants specializing in Indian cuisine. What's better than an Indian meal delivered at home? From now on you can enjoy this colorful specialty thanks to 2yourdoor website.

An Indian dish is usually composed of a mixture of spices, many herbs and a variety of vegetables and fruits. These are the most consumed because the Indian society tends to vegetarianism. Hinduism forbids the consumption of any kind of meat, nevertheless it is possible to find in Indian cuisine the best recipes of poultry, beef and lamb.

Curry is an inseparable part of Indian recipes. It is especially present in dishes with sauce, ideal for those who like to feel the warmth and strength of spices. For those who are not big fan of spicy meals, we recommend the famous tikka massala.

You will surely find everything you are looking for, because 2yourdoor works with the best Indian restaurants in Lausanne - Royal India, 7 Kings Curry, New Delhi - which propose you the best dishes to be tasted in peace and comfort of your own home. It only remains to choose your dish!