Delivery from Fast Food Restaurants in Lausanne

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Los Tacos Hermanos tacos restaurant lausanne
40 - 45 mins
  5  (25)
Los Tacos Hermanos
Tacos Fast Food Halal Mexican
holy cow burger delivery lausanne
40 - 45 mins
Holy Cow!
Burger Lunchbox Fast Food Salad American
kfc geneva home delivery
40 - 45 mins
Chicken Fast Food Sandwich American

Fast Food Restaurants in Lausanne

Order your favorite dishes from Mc Donalds, Burger King and other restaurants offering fast food!

The goal of fast food cuisine is to make meals cheaply and in a short time. A concept that has come from the United States is now spread all over the world. A common meal usually includes a burger or a sandwich with fries and a drink.

Hamburger, the star of fast food, takes its name from the city of Hamburg. It is characterized by two round loaves of bun, with a slice of minced meat. With time and migration, this sandwich is composed today of much more diverse ingredients than formerly, often being garnished with salad, pickles and sauces.

2yourdoor draws a smile its customers face, offering delivery from fast food restaurants – both local and large fast-food chains. Affordable burgers and snacks arrive in Lausanne with our fast home delivery service.

Fast food is suitable for many categories of consumers: employees, students constrained by time. The menus of fast food restaurants are even suitable for small children or people who are attentive to their diet thanks to salads and grilled meats and that can be served without sauce.

From now on, you can order from fast food restaurants in Lausanne - McDonald's, Burger King, Holy Cow! or Los TacosHermanos - and receive your order at your home or at your place of work. The 2yourdoor team is at your service.