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Rich in carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins, pizza has conquered kitchens all over the world and is equally loved by kids and grown-ups. Can you imagine - when it first appeared in the 19th century, it was regarded as a meal for the poor? Nowadays, the most known Italian dish made mainly of dough and tomato sauce has become a balanced and complete meal.

Do you live in Geneva? Tempted by a pizza? Do not waste your time trying to prepare it or going to the pizzerias, instead let pizza come to you. Ordering food online is the new simplicity. 2YOURDOOR delivers you the pizza of your choice literally to your door!

Which pizza restaurant to choose? From Restaurant Italia? Leo's Pizzeria? La Gazelle d'Or? Mangia Bene? Da Paolo? Jet Pizza or Cantinella?

So many Geneva pizza restaurants with varied menus and each has its distinct touch. 2YOURDOOR website features the best restaurants offering the most delicious pizzas in Geneva so that you can make your order and be reassured you have the best selection in one place. Whatever is your choice, 2YOURDOOR ensures you a home delivery in record time!

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