Kebab Delivery in Geneva

Kebab Restaurants in Geneva

Do you like eating meat? Then there is nothing better than a juicy kebab prepared in the best kebab restaurants in Geneva, especially if it is served at your home without any effort but just a few clicks.

Kebab – a form of grilled meat - is a type of dish that takes many forms - döner kebab, kebab made of minced meat, skewers, Iskender kebab, the latter is made with fine slices of mutton well roasted and perfectly caramelized, served on pide (Turkish bread). Kebab as dish has a Turkish nationality, although the word “kebab” is of Arabic origin. Legend has it that the medieval Ottoman soldiers invented kebabs, using their swords to grill pieces of meat over the open fire.

Traditional kebab is always served with salad of raw vegetables and a white sauce made of yoghurt and garlic. Meat for kebab was originally cooked over a wood fire, horizontally using stalks that pierce the pieces of meat, which gives it a purely oriental flavor.

2yoordoor has selected for you Oriental restaurants that offer different grills, with rich and varied menus. Whether it's Al Amir, Les Cèdres Du Liban, Kapris Café, Onex Kebap, Atlas, Jet Pizza, Sams Tacos Burger Kebab or Kebab de Vésenaz, you will receive an unforgettable meal that your taste buds will appreciate.