Delivery From Italian Restaurants in Geneva

Italian Restaurants in Geneva

Italian cuisine is loved by everyone, a simple, rich and varied cuisine based on pasta, vegetables and cheese. Different types of cheese are part of the country's industry: Parmesan, mozzarella, burrata and many others are used extensively in Italian dishes and even in salads and desserts.

What should you know about Italian meal? First of all, it is composed of several courses. 
Antipasti, eaten as starters, will open your appetite. It is the custom of all Italians before going to the main course. Primo piatto consists mainly of pasta that can take many forms in this country: lasagna, tagliatelle, cannelloni, spaghetti ... Discover them with our chefs! Secondo piatto is the next part: meat and fish with steamed or stir-fried vegetables, tagliatelle or rice will complete your meal. We also invite you to try risotto (rice cooked in broth with different seasonings and vegetables).

Of course, when we talk about Italian cuisine, it is impossible not mention pizzas. The page Pizza Delivery in Geneva presents you with a great selection of pizza to take away from some of the best pizzerias in Geneva.

In the category  "Italian restaurants in Geneva" you will find the most  professional and known places. Just click on your favorite restaurant, place an order online and get your food delivered in record time.

Restaurant Et Caetera is famous for its seafood dishes, Leo's Pizzeria - for ital' burgers, Restaurant Italia - for pasta fresca, Les Trois Verres - for refined meat dishes, Cantinella - for its focacce and piadine. It's up to you to choose your Italian treat!