Delivery From Indian Restaurants in Geneva

Indian Restaurants in Geneva

Vibrant tastes of India come to Switzerland, more precisely to Geneva, with Indian restaurants that present the colors, spices and dishes that we see on the tables of Indian homes, just for you.
The basis of Indian cuisine is spices and vegetables. The Indians are not all vegetarians, we find in their dishes meat and fish as well. The cuisine of southern India is more vegetarian than that of the north, in the south there is more rice, vegetables and spicy sauces, while the north is more carnivorous, rice is often replaced by a variety of wheat bread. Eating in a balanced way and dosing spices is the specificity of Indian cuisine that combines sweet, salty, sour, spicy, bitter using fresh and strong ingredients.
Indian restaurants usually serve small sauces served at the beginning of the meal, a red that is based on tamarind - a very acidic fruit, a green mint sauce mixed with yoghurt or cottage cheese, or others spicy sauces with fruits or vegetables macerated in oil.
In our section Indian restaurants in Geneva, you will find a wide choice of varied menus that adapt to your needs. Tasty Chicken, Cafe Restaurant Bombay, Chandigarh Tandoori, Little India, Royal India are here to prepare you the best Indian delicacies. Let us serve you in your dining room or office with our home delivery service.