Chinese Food Delivery in Geneva

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Les 4 Saisons Restaurant geneva home delivery
45 - 50 mins
Opens at 12:00
  4.4  (60)
Les 4 Saisons Restaurant Chinois
Asian Chinese Seafood
Le Phenix restaurant Geneva delivery
50 - 55 mins
Opens at 12:00
  4  (90)
Le Phenix
Asian Chinese Chicken

Chinese Restaurants in Geneva

Chinese restaurants are currently everywhere in the world, they are popular in many countries. In Geneva, there is no shortage of good Chinese restaurants that offer a meal for takeaway.

2YOORDOOR offers a selection of the best Chinese restaurants in GenevaLe JadeChanaanLa Baguette d’OrLes 4 SaisonsLe PhénixLe ThéChez Kei etc. With our home delivery service, you can enjoy your favorite Chinese dishes in the comfort of your living room.

Chinese gastronomy developed  its richness and diversity profoundly in the nineteenth century. It brings together several flavors, sweet, salty, sour, bitter, spicy... What makes this cuisine very creative is a variety of cooking methods.

Rice is the main accompaniment of Chinese dishes, it is steamed without seasoning. Wok noodles, along with pieces of meat, celery, carrots and soy sauce, are also popular. They can be cooked in soup or fried to give crunchiness to the meal. And when speaking about Chinese cuisine, let's not forget about the basis of many dishes - tofu - a cheese made from soybean. It is an excellent source of low-fat protein.

Chinese cuisine boasts a complex of flavors and a refined aesthetic, which makes it highly appreciated by its consumers. Chinese food has a social element: in China dishes are shared in a common, traditionally round table. The knives are not part of the table, only chopsticks and Chinese spoons are usually present. The dishes should also be appealing to the eye.