Copacabana Restaurant & Burger: home or office delivery



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0.00 CHF


Portion of Chicken Wings

12.00 CHF

Portion of Gambas

15.00 CHF

Portion of Picanha

19.00 CHF


X-Bacon - 130g Beef with tomato cheese and extra bacon

14.90 CHF

X-Frango - 130g Chicken with cheese and bacon

14.90 CHF

X-Picanha - 130g Picanha with Cheese and Ham

15.90 CHF

X-Salada - 130g Beef with tomato, peas, cheese and gherkin

14.90 CHF

X-Suisse - 130g Beef with caramelised onions and raclette cheese

15.90 CHF

X-Tudo - 2X 100g Beef with Cheese, Bacon and Egg

16.90 CHF


Chicken Salad

16.00 CHF

Prawn Salad

18.00 CHF

Smoked Salmon Salad

18.00 CHF

Tuna Salad

16.00 CHF


Chicken Breast (with salade, rice or fries)

23.90 CHF

Dorade (with salade, rice or fries)

27.90 CHF

Entrecote Beef Steak (with salad rice or fries)

29.90 CHF

Picanha (with salade, rice or fries)

25.90 CHF

Prawns (with salade, rice or fries)

26.90 CHF

Rodizio meat platter (with salade, rice or fries) - See details

25.90 CHF

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