Article 1 - Generalities

1. 2YOURDOOR SA is a limited company of Swiss law and registered to the Commerce Registry of the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

2. It assures a private delivery service of goods (consumer goods) which can be ordered through the website of 2YOURDOOR SA or on its mobile application.

3. It exclusively acts as an intermediary mandated by the users of its website or mobile application (here: “consumers”), on one hand, and providers of good (here:“suppliers”), on the other hand.

4. Consequently, no offers can be deducted from 2YOURDOOR SA from its website or its mobile application. Indeed, 2YOURDOOR SA doesn’t sell any goods, it only acquires it in the name and for the consumer and doesn’t hold any stock.

5. In other words, consumers and 2YOURDOOR SA are linked with a mandate contract with articles 394 and followings of Code des obligations Suisse.


Article 2 - Signing up

1. Consumers sign up on 2YOURDOOR SA’s website or mobile application with a user account.

2. Data collected at sign up stage are first name and last name of the user, as well as his email address. The user will then be invited to choose a password. Signing up via social media is also possible.


Article 3 - Choice and order of goods

1. Order of goods can be done on 2YOURDOOR SA’s website or mobile application.

2. Consumers first choose a supplier, then goods to order, as they do it when they go in person in the store or by mandating someone for one or more stores.

3. Consumers can choose between generic goods or specific goods to some suppliers.


Article 4 - Payment of goods

1. During order of goods, the consumer will be asked to provide a phone or intercom number and credit card numbers of which he/she pretends to do the transaction. The consumer will also be able to save the data on his account in a secure and confidential way.

2. The order is confirmed after payment execution order of a provision that is withdrawn on the consumer’s credit card. The amount of this provision is 130% of the value of the ordered goods. However, the final amount that will be withdrawn from the customer will be the exact value of the goods that 2YOURDOOR went to purchase plus fees and commission as defined in article 7.

3. An order can be modified or cancelled until its confirmation. In principle, from the moment an order is confirmed, it is not possible to modify or cancel it, and the delivered goods won’t be taken back nor changed. However, the consumer will be able to enter in contact with the runner to modify eventual quantities that he has ordered.


Article 5 - Reception of goods from the supplier

1. Once the order is confirmed, 2YOURDOOR SA commits to acquire it in the name and for the consumer from the supplier.

2. The supplier receives a copy of the order and prepares without any delay the ordered goods if the supplier is a restaurant. The order is handed to a runner mandated by 2YOURDOOR SA. In all other cases, the runner does the shopping himself.


Article 6 - Transport and delivery of the goods to the consumer

1. The goods are delivered as soon as possible to the delivery address provided by the consumer while ordering against receipt.

2. During delivery, it is the consumer’s responsibility to verify that delivered good correspond well to the submitted order in terms of quality and quantity. The receipt frees 2YOURDOOR SA of all responsibility in case of defect (see article 8).

3. In case of absence of the consumer at the delivery, the runner will drop goods at the mentioned place. In this case, 2YOURDOOR SA declines all responsibilities in case of damage, steal or loss of the delivered goods.


Article 7 - Goods quantities and commissions

1. Each order can have between 1 and 10 products purchased from one same supplier representing a total of 10 kilograms.

2. 2YOURDOOR SA will charge fees in each order at the payment stage, and will be such as:
- restaurants: fee of CHF 6.99 per order and less than 2 kilometers from the delivery address
& other: fee of CHF 4.99 to 9.99 per order (with up to 5 different items in groceries) and up to 3 kilometers from the delivery address.
- an additional fee of CHF 0.50 will be charged for every extra item ordered (excluding restaurants)
- an additional fee of CHF 2.00 for each extra kilometers that the runner does to deliver goods
- a service fee representing 0% - 15% of the amount of the ordered goods applies for all types of stores. Lowest applicable service fee is 2.99 CHF per order for non-partner restaurants.


Article 8 - Responsibility concerning goods

1. Goods are acquired in the name and for the consumer by runners mandated by 2YOURDOOR SA and on the responsibility of this last from the reception of the goods from the supplier until the delivery to the consumer.

2. From the moment when goods are delivered, 2YOURDOOR SA declines all responsibilities in case of defect concerning the delivered goods. It is then the responsibility of the consumer to directly contact the supplier in case of any claim.


Article 9 - Special dispositions regarding alcohol and tobacco products

1. The consumption of alcohol and tobacco products is bad for health.

2. The sell of alcohol drinks or tobacco products to people under the age of 18 is strictly forbidden.

3. If a goods order includes alcohol drinks or tobacco products, the consumer will be asked to show that he has minimum 18 years old the day of the order. This declaration means discharge of all responsibility of 2YOURDOOR SA.

4. Also, it is reminded that no alcohol drinks can be sold in retail between 21.00 and 07.00 o’clock.


Article 10 - Confidentiality of data

1. The collected data are saved by 2YOURDOOR and are under its own responsibility.

2. 2YOURDOOR commits to not disclose these data externally.

3. If a user deletes its account, his data is archived. The user can reactivate this account simply by logging in with its email address and password.


Article 11 - Website and mobile application

1. The content of the website and the mobile application can be modified anytime and without previous notification.

2. The information available on its website and its application doesn’t bind 2YOURDOOR SA.

3. 2YOURDOOR SA declines all responsibility and doesn’t give any guarantee in case of interruptions or disturbance on its website or mobile application.


Article 12 - Modifications

The present terms can be modified anytime. They are submitted for approbation to the consumer at the confirmation phase of each order.


Article 13 - Governing law and jurisdiction

1. The applicable law is exclusively the Swiss law.

2. The jurisdiction is the place of the headquarter of 2YOURDOOR SA.

* * * * *

Genève, 2019.