We are currently serving Geneva, Lausanne and surrounding towns and will be expanding continuously. To verify if we deliver to your address, just enter your address at www.2yourdoor.ch Home Page – you will get a notification in case we do not yet service your area.
We are operational from 10am to 11pm in Geneva and from 12am till 10pm in Lausanne Monday-Sunday and deliver according to the working hours of the stores listed on our platform. You can choose to have your order delivered asap (within 40min) or schedule your delivery for the time convenient for you.
There is a live chat option on the website during our service hours - from 10 am till 11 pm.
To open an account, customer gives his first and last name, his phone number and his email address. You will get a verification email to confirm your account. Phone number and delivery address can be updated at any time from My Account page.
You can get delivery discounts up to 50 CHF by inviting your friends to try our services. Send 10 CHF to your friends and get 10 CHF when they order. Referral coupon is valid for 1 week.  Up to 5 friends can use your link - first come first served. You can find and send your referral link from My Account page.
There is no minimum amount.
We do our best to keep product prices up-to-date, however sometimes prices on 2yourdoor can vary a bit from those in the store. You get a receipt from the store and it is the real in-store price that is charged in the end according to the store check. 
You cannot order from 2 stores in 1 order. First you need to check out and place another order. Fees will apply per each order independently.
You cannot order from 2 different stores in 1 order, but you can create and clear a new order. You need to check-out for each order. Fees will apply per each order independently.
In compliance with the local law, the sale of alcoholic drinks at grocery stores is forbidden between 9pm and 7am. Also, hazardous products and products dangerous to carry won’t be delivered.
Packaging is done by the store you purchased from. Our runners will control again before taking the order.
Orders are delivered by independent runners mandated by 2yourdoor.
He calls you, if you tell him to leave it to a neighbour, he will do so. He can stay in front of your location as long as he has no other deliveries pending. If he is not able to reach you and the order was paid by card online, he will leave the order in front of your doorstep.
Up to 1 hour, our runner accepts your order, does the shopping and brings it to you asap. However, sometimes the store cashiers can be busy and it may take a little more time. In this case, the runner will call you.
We will send you 3 emails concerning your order: the first when we receive your order, the second when a runner takes it in charge, and the third when the order is delivered. You may also track your runner in real time in My Account > Orders tab.
Your connection is secured by https and data is stored in local databases.
You pay online with you credit card at the check-out step. You can also choose to pay in cash to the runner. Payment by card at delivery is not possible. Please note that Maestro and PostFinance cards are not excepted at the moment. At the time of order, we don’t charge anything but reserve 130% of the product cost plus fees to be still able to process your payment in case a replacement is needed. The actual price is charged according to the check from the store and your card balance will be updated. 
At the time of order, we don’t charge anything but reserve 130% of the product cost plus fees to be still able to process your payment in case the price in the store is higher or a replacement is needed. Once your delivery is finalized, the updated price is charged from your card. You will see the updated balance in your bank statement within 3-5 working days.
Yes, we accept payments in cash, except for GENIE PickUp and GENIE Shop4me stores. Choose "Cash on Delivery" before confirming your order.
We do not store credit card information in 2yourdoor servers. Only our payment processor STRIPE can store your credit card information if you chose so during check-out.
Fees are costs excluding the cost of the products you ordered.
– restaurants: fee of CHF 8.99 per order and less than 2 kilometer from the delivery address
other: fee of CHF 7.99 to 9.99 per order (with up to 5 different items in groceries) and up to 2 kilometer from the delivery address.
– an additional fee of CHF 0.50 will be charged for every extra item ordered
– an additional fee of CHF 2.00 for each extra kilometer
- For all stores: a service fee of 0-15% of the total amount of the purchase from the supplier. The lowest service charge is 4.99 CHF per order for non-partner restaurants.
You can tip the runner if you want, although this is optional. We recommend you to do it via the application and not in cash.
If you can not find a product but you believe it should be in the chosen store, please use option ADD CUSTOM ITEM in the bottom of the store page. You need to give us the details of the product you want (description, brand, size) and the expected price. For all stores, except for pharmacy and gifts, you must order at least one listed product from this store as well. Alternatively, you may order from any store in the city via our GENIE Shop4me express delivery service.
Can not find the shop of your choice on our website? Do you need to send / pick up something urgently? Using Genie Service, you can order anything from anywhere in your city (as long as this product fits our bags: 30cm x 30 cm x 40 cm). You need to give us the details of the desired item, where you want us to pick it up or buy and where to deliver. For Shop4me option, you will also need to indicate the expected price, the final price will be adjusted according to the store receipt. Only online payment by card is possible for this shopping option. Please also mention what the runner should do in case product is not available (we recommend the “Call me” option).
You can order maximum 10 products in 1 order which don't weigh more than 10 kilograms in total.
After an order is placed, you cannot modify or cancel it. However, you can call the runner to change the quantity of the product you ordered. Please contact us as soon as possible by chat / phone in case you placed a duplicate order.
If products delivered are the right ones or the replacement products match the ones you order, we don’t accept any return. As you will have the store receipt, by checking their return policy you can reach them. The delivery fees that were charged cannot be refunded as the service is provided.
When you order through 2yourdoor, you receive a receipt when the product is delivered to you. You can use this receipt to go to the store and ask for reimbursement or change depending on the stores policy. The delivery fees that were charged cannot not be refunded as the service is provided. In case of missing / damaged products in your delivery, please contact us via email or contact form.